EC Interior Design offers complete turn-key project management for our clients such as home builders needing a showcase home fully furnished and accessorized, or staging properties for real estate agents or investors seeking a competitive advantage in selling their homes, or a homeowner embarking on new construction, needing help with updating their interiors or doing a complete re-model, as well as commercial projects including corporate office suites and public areas, community club houses, residential leasing lobbies and common spaces.

Model Home Merchandising

Model Home MerchandisingEC Interior Design provides leading home builders beautifully designed, fully furnished and accessorized model homes, as well as certain key room vignette models. Our skilled and talented team of degreed interior designers has successfully created unique styles and designs for forty-plus model homes annually. We approach each model home project with the goal of creating exceptional interiors that help home builders and investors showcase and increase the marketability of their properties while maximizing their investment. Our processes include:

  • Complete assessment of the community and demographics
  • Complete turn-key job management
  • Volume pricing without compromising exceptional design
  • Dedication to understanding builder’s standards and expectations
  • Expedient and immediate ab
    ility to adapt to changes, unexpected delays, and last minute projects
  • Availability of vast and diverse selection of furniture, accessories, art, and rugs through our expansive showroom, outlet, and warehouse stock
  • Degreed designers experience specifically in model merchandising
  • Access to sister company for custom bedding and draperies at reduced pricing

Home Staging

Home Staging Houston

EC Interior Design offers the unique service of vacant home staging. We are able to approach this service with a competitive edge due to our vast showroom, outlet, and warehouse stock from which we can choose. National staging associations and real estate agents tout the benefits of staging a home for a faster sale. It is a strategic marketing tool utilized by these professionals designed to show a property in its best possible light. The upside for buyers is that they can see all the possibilities, while the upside for sellers, of course, is getting top dollar and a fast sale. Investing in staging when the property is initially listed for sale usually creates a faster transaction and often eliminates having to lower the price after the vacant home sits on the market for a long period of time.

See our staging projects success stories.  EC Interiors Design's approach to staging is simple: We have a large volume of available furniture, accessories, art, rugs, and lighting, we have a team of designers experienced in transforming empty space to livable space, and our pricing is uncomplicated and can be short term.

Residential Design

Elizabeth Cole InteriorsTransforming interior spaces that fulfills the design vision and functionality wishes of each client’s unique living style and environment is the primary goal of EC Interior Design. We believe a truly customized design begins by asking the right questions and listening to the answers. This crucial phase builds the foundation for successful projects.

Thorough space planning is the next important foundational step in the design process. Once the design style, layout, and budget have been determined, the team at EC Interior Design is dedicated to making the design vision a beautiful reality. The exciting stage of making selections from colors, finishes, and fixtures to furniture, art, and accessories makes the project come to life. EC Interior Design's assistance and guidance in this vital phase minimizes uncertainty and maximizes time and value.

Whether the project is one room, entire home, new build or remodel, EC Interior Design will always approach each project with the highest level of professionalism, effort, and attention to detail. Our communication and personal attention throughout the entire project, along with our professional experience and expertise, have proven successful in tailoring design for our residential clients.

Commercial Design

Designing commercial space requires understanding the culture, work environment, and challenges of the enterprise. Efficient and smart choices must be made so that the space supports the people and reflects the brand and mission. EC Interior Design defines successful commercial design as positive employee acceptance and enthusiasm coupled with fulfilled corporate objections, functionality, and budget, while meeting the unique needs of an entity’s customers.

To achieve such design success, our goal is to collaborate, learn, and understand each of these stakeholders and create solutions to accomplish the desired vision and environment.

There are varied and numerous processes involved in a commercial design project. EC Interior Design has the people, experience, and protocols to create distinguished and extraordinary commercial spaces.